MOT’s Comprehensive System (= MOT’s Concept + Brand Profile)


To take youth seriously and to put everything into a system were two of the most important choices that were made from the beginning. MOT’s Comprehensive System is a result of the choice to put everything into a system.

Please, safeguard MOT’s Comprehensive System! MOT being a great brand is a result and a consequence of building MOT’s Comprehensive System. MOT wanted to be a brand for the youth from day one; a brand that they have strong ownership to; a brand that makes youth use MOT in their own way; a brand that makes the youth associate themselves with MOT. When the youth associate themselves with MOT it is easier for MOT to influence. The brand is one of MOT’s most valuable assets.

Lego, Disney, IKEA and REMA 1000 have been sources of inspiration upon MOT’s brand building. The founder of REMA 1000 is Odd Reitan who has been a great mentor for me since 2005. Here is a part of what he wrote in his last inspiring weekend letter to his associates:

Strong values are always basis for successful leadership. The values are like an unbreakable anchor. 

Action. Intentions are never enough because your plans mean nothing if you do not carry them out. Be reminded about Winston Churchill’s stamp: «Action this day»

Perseverance. Normally, success does not happen right away. It takes patience and determination. In the end, the ones with perseverance break through the wall of challenges and come out on the other side, victorious. Too many give up on the way. This happens whether it is in business, art, or sport. Never give up!

Humility. Upon moving around in the world, you may notice that the «greatest» ones are also the humblest ones. Do not forget that.