“No, thank you”


Sometimes it’s that simple.

This is a reminder that “no” is a complete sentence. You don’t need a reason or justification behind saying no, just the word itself is enough.

Throughout your life you’ll find yourself in situations where you have to prioritise, and turning something or somebody down can be the hardest thing. Remind yourself that it all comes down to what is important to you. And if you find it difficult saying no to something you don’t feel you should be going for, ask yourself this instead:
By saying no to this, what am I actually saying YES to instead?”

When you focus on what is going to help you reach your goals and what you want to be spending time on instead, it is going to be easier to see what the right choice is.  Don’t let something that doesn’t add value to your life take up your time and energy. It is valuable, don’t waste it.