Thank you Eltie!


MOT South Africa has changed Chair.

Eltie Links has been MOT SA’s Chair for 12 years. Eltie has used his wisdom, great global leadership skills and experience to the best for MOT. He has been an important role model, inspirational source, mentor and sparring-partner for Sigrun and me since 2008. We have been proud of having a person like Eltie in the MOT team. In 1996, the then President Nelson Mandela appointed him to the strategic position of Ambassador to the European Union. Most of all we are grateful to have experienced Eltie’s love, kindness, integrity, positive attitude and constructive behaviour. I express my deepest and most sincere gratitude to Eltie Links for being the Chair of MOT SA since 2008. It has been a true joy and pleasure to cooperate, and of invaluable importance for MOT SA. Thank you to Eltie for “taking care of the MOT baby” these 12 years!