News from MOT Denmark

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Our CEO, Mark Vogel has resigned from MOT Danmark and I, Stina Grøn, will become CEO from January 1st 2021. We wish Mark all the best in his new adventure but are sad to see him go as he is a big part of MOT Denmark’s success today! Without him, MOT Denmark would not be where we are today.

MOT Denmark 2.0 version will be a flat organizational structure with one leader but a shared responsibility on leading MOT Denmark in the direction we are already headed towards: MOT in upper secondary, MOT as a society builder, empirical and effect measurement and further funding.

We have had 7 great years and will begin the new chapter by “moving away from home”, our office at YX Denmark and UnoX to our own office space. We are ready to stand on our own two feet and become a sustainable and independent organization. We have been more than grateful to have had the opportunity, security and friendship in our office at YX and UnoX – but we will of course stay in touch 😊.

Last but not least, we had a fantastic Covid-19 safe Courage to Care Day! I think maybe this year we were all just a bit more sharing and caring. We had fabricated “old-fashioned” postcards for the students so they could handwrite (a challenge for many) a card to someone they wanted to delight and give joy to.

Here are two of my favorites:

Some more photos from Courage to care day:

We wish you all a joyful December from MOT Denmark