It is wise to be in surroundings that mostly strengthen our robustness


MOT is about strengthening robustness. Robustness is more than a trait. It is also about a relation. When we meet with others our robustness is either strengthened or reduced. Our dog Sjika strengthened our robustness.

This week we have been sad and in mourning. Sjika passed away on Monday evening 15th February 2021.

«Hometeam Vårvik» – Kristian, Johann, Sigrun and I – are so grateful for the luck in our choice when we decided to have Sjika in spring 2007. Kristian’s and Johann’s sense of caring and sense of responsibility has been strengthened because of Sjika. She has been a joy for them during their entire youth and in their first part of adult time. She has been valuable to all of us.

Sjika represented what we in our family want to stand for. She has been a symbol of being happy and of spreading kindness. She loved everyone she met. She has been a symbol of goodness and of trusting others naively. She lived in the spirit that neither people nor other animals could or would want to hurt her – and she behaved accordingly. That is why so many got so fond of her. We are so endlessly grateful that we have had such a happy dog for so many years and we are so grateful for the kindness she showed to so many. She has been an enormous enrichment to our family and to so many, many others that also got fond of her.

Although we are very grateful for almost 14 years with Sjika, we have been in pain the last few days because we have lost a love and a gathering centre. I have also lost a training friend. Only two weeks ago she was enjoying herself in the snow, joining me for her last skiing trip. She would have loved to run down the hills, but to save her legs she was in my arms, meeting with big and surprised smiles from the other skiers we met.

Sjika has meant so incredibly much to us and she has helped make the Vårvik family

strong, especially when we have found ourselves in hard and tough times. For almost 14 years the four of us and many others have had great joy in our faithful and loyal friend. She was something really special. Sjika has been important to me and our family, especially when we needed someone the most.

I would like to end this post with the words I got from my nephew Sondre late-night after Sjika had left us: «Yesterday you were a good friend, now you are a good memory. Thank you for all the joy and love you gave to all of us. Rest in peace little friend…».

– Atle –