Youth story of the month: MOT Norway

Sondre (002)

Sondre Hagen Løkke is an 18-year-old boy from a small municipality in Norway, Tingvoll. He loves sports and especially biathlon. A while back, he became ill and had to stop training and leave sports for a long time. He says the following about what MOT means to him, and how MOT helped him in this period:

“To me the MOT sessions has given me room to reflect on who I am, what I stand for and how I act towards others. MOT has opened my eyes to what effect a smile or a simple “hello” has. It has increased my awareness on how I see others and how I can lift others. I wear the MOT- logo as a reminder that I can give of my surplus to others, and that I with the flashlight can bright up other people’s days and see others.

Everyone has a self-image or an identity. Mine is mainly sports-based, but MOT has highlighted my other values and shown me that I can be proud of many other things. By focusing on including my fellow students I have found new sides with myself.

So now that I am in a period of sickness where sports do not define my self-image or identity anymore, I will still have a foundation to lean on, a foundation that MOT has given me the tools to build and to stand on for the rest of my life. Therefore, I believe that MOT is so important for my school. ”

MOT Norway