New schools on board

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We have Tim back and we are pleased to have his energy and knowhow back in MOT Denmark. Stina is now Leader of both Core Activity and Business Partners and has delegated the MOT schools on Sjælland to Tim. Laila and Tim are taking over the process of developing School as a Society Builder for Denmark. They are doing a great job and it will be launched at MOT Denmarks ILD 2022 (enthusiast gathering). We are filming this years ILD this weekend and are looking forward to giving our schools and business partners a boost.

We have held two online information meetings for new schools and are hosting a 3rd next week. So we are busy signing with new schools. Hopefully we will reach our goal this year even though the whole proces has moved 4 months. We have a positive mindset about it seeing and hearing that the interest for MOT is bigger than ever.

We also hosted an online MOTivation event for all our schools where we answered questions and informere about the program and how to manage the rest of the sessions. In this case we have merged session 5 and 6. We also just had a few laughs, a visit from our MOTambassador Mark Agerskov and a competition. Great fun and great to see them again.

Stina Grøn Vogel, MOT Denmark