Dream society for youth:

  • Inherited robustness
  • Good social functioning
  • Good family functioning
  • Good school experience
  • Good friends
  • Safe and including local community
  • Safe and positive society/media

If these were characteristic of all youths, environments and society, there would not have been a need for MOT. Many youths do not have these characteristics. Therefore, MOT is important to create protective factors and to prevent problems and exclusion. Exclusion is one of the great society challenges. Exclusion is often a common denominator for those who choses extreme environments. The most important we can do in working against violent extremism is to prevent exclusion.

MOT develops youth’s robustness and good class environments

Plato’s quote is relevant in what most people and organisations do: “The beginning is the most important part of the work”.

Everything we do has a beginning. Buildings with poor foundations and plans are in trouble. If you have a good plan, strong foundation and the right materials, the building often will be strong and stand a storm.

The same are with management. Proactive management is all about keeping ahead of the game, resolving any issues before an incident or an accident occurs.

From sports, we know that most injuries could have been avoided if we had been better taking care of ourselves in prior. Every time I’ve got an injury, I have been annoyed at myself for not doing a better job in prior. The challenge is that we never know how close the injury is and therefore sometimes becomes dull and bad at being proactive before the problem arises.

I think most of us knows that the best thing we can do is to have manners and lifestyle so that we don’t get health issues, but the risk is that we live in a way that make the risk factors increase, until bad health suddenly is provoked, often by one single cause. But the cause is often the many causes and risk factors created over time.

What I want to illustrate with the above-mentioned examples is the way that MOT works. MOT works to prevent that the problems arises. When MOT reaches the goal to build stronger people and cultures, we don’t know how far the problems really are.

MOT builds people and cultures. To build youth’s robustness and strong school cultures is about being proactive. It prevents that many problems arises.

Wish you a lovely weekend.

– Atle –