Turn the flashlight around

Cartoon vector illustration of man holding big flashlight on dark backround.

You are your own biggest critic. We too often focus on our flaws, pointing at everything that could be better – whether it is our looks, school achievements, sports performance or social media following.

You don’t need to aim for perfection. That will only hold you back from reaching your potential and doing what makes you happy. Instead, turn the flashlight to look at yourself and light up the traits you like most about yourself.

Maybe you are the one in the class that makes everybody laugh, the one who says hello to the people around you or is passionate about something fun.

Write down a list of the top 5 things you are like about yourself!

Those things are worth being proud of! Stop degrading yourself by focusing on your insecurities and dare to be proud of who you are.

”Real people are not perfect and perfect people are not real!”

Prathav Sahu