MOT Latvia secures funding from the municipality of Riga

Latvia M1

In November there were not many events for MOT Latvia. Till the middle of the month schools were working remotely. Returning after November 18 there has been required a new adjustment with tests, quarantines and new uncertainties about whether MOT coaches who don’t work daily at school can go into schools and take MOT sessions. Most of the MOT schools decided to wait for better times. We’re forced to switch to standby again.

Regarding the organisation, work on financial attraction is ongoing. We talked to our new business partners about the format for cooperation as well as looking for new partners, including exploration about EU grants. We need to strengthen administrative capacity so that we can continue high-quality growth.

We have just obtained approval for funding from the municipality of Riga, which will allow some of our plans for MOT branding – to create new MOT videos for the 1st MOT session, a representative video on what is MOT as well as cover costs for additional education for MOT coaches about e.g. storytelling, representing skills and typical features of teenage age.

I would also like to share a pleasing happening – MOT Latvia was invited to participate in the movement “From a volunteer to a volunteer”, which was aimed at greeting other voluntary organisations. In a very short time, we managed to arrange 12 MOT coaches’ appointments in the park at a MOT school and to film a moty and inspiring video greeting.

Long story short – although we are very tired of the ongoing covid situation, we try to do our best and keep focus on positive.