We are all connected

Surfer on Blue Ocean Wave in the Barrel

How are you doing, MOT Friends?

Times of uncertainty, ongoing change, unclarity, and complex challenges are still on.

Lockdown in Latvia, additional restrictions in Norway, the new covid version in South Africa. How many waves are ahead?

Have you ever been surfing the wave?

To be in the ocean with waves is not an easy task. You can easily be wiped out by the wave or you can use it to ride and enjoy.

First, to get into the ocean, you need to pass the wave. You can’t just go straight, the trick is to dive in, under it, then you can be safe on the other side, in the calm waters. And then you turn around and wait, wait for the new wave to come, and follow the flow, enjoy the speed and power.

This is what we can do now – be aware, be prepared, be ready for new waves and storms to come.

We need to learn to dive under the waves into peaceful depth. Keep up the good spirit and walk around with a flashlight!

Sparkle the light to yourself and to others. Never lose the big perspective on your purposeful life. Remember Dream team around you and never forget to stretch the arm to those who are in need. People in your neighbourhood and MOT colleagues.

We are all one, we are all connected.

Take care and enjoy the wave!