Important new research project in MOT Latvia

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Taking into account the excellent campaign in 2021, MOT Latvia is continuing its work on raising brand awareness and has set the goal of pursuing a new large-scale campaign on inclusion.

This was an extremely important topic for us in the after pandemic times. Our MOT coaches experienced more and more new negative signs when young people are depressed, feeling lonely, giving up, and communicating with difficulty. We have concluded an agreement with the research agency Forta Research (in 2021 our joint study earned not only local resonance but also a silver medal in the international ESOMAR contest) to obtain data on the real situation in the youth audience. We have also received the first results of studies that absolutely underline our suspicion of damaged resilience by young people in these times. And we want to help!

We are also very close to formally announcing changes in MOT Latvia administration, but the current situation in our region has largely paralyzed everyday routines and is likely to change our agenda. We in Latvia are looking forward to a large influx of Ukrainian refugees, including children, young people. We are currently organizing support for Ukraine, collecting donations, following events, and praying. Praying for peace, humanity and sense. We invite the whole MOT family to join us in these prayers!