Who is your role model?


The people we look up to make an important difference in our lives.

Whether it is a football player, your favourite YouTuber, the school’s best teacher or simply your best friend, role models can act as important guiding stars.

Role models can inspire you to take actions towards your dreams by motivating you and showing you that it is possible. They can teach you important lessons from their experiences that you can use while navigating your own life.

If you are inspired by somebody you know – tell them! They might be unaware of the positive impact they have on you. Letting them know how important they are could make their day.

Remember that YOU are also a role model to the people in your life. Your action and attitudes impact those around you, so make sure you are aware of the example you want to set for them.

We are all role models to someone in this world, and we can all have an impact – for good”.

Tony Dungy