MOT Denmark inspires both dreams and new young MOTivators

Denmark II

February was the MOT dream period. Tobias dreams about someday publishing a book and becoming an author, and now he is given some extra help and inspiration.

Tobias was gifted the book “Stel” by Lars Hedebo Olsen, which can inspire him to start his own writing process about porcelain. Lars has also offered Tobias a peptalk about writing books and porcelain – this is both MOT to live and MOT to care! We are excited to see where this goes and to see Tobias fulfil his dream about becoming an author.

In February we also have educated 49 youth that can finally, after a long wait due to Covid-19 restrictions, call themselves Young MOTivators. They are some incredible youth! It was a blessing to watch them bring their unique and different strengths together when they were presenting. They will without a doubt be amazing role models for the 6th graders that they will visit. The 49 have now arrived back at their schools and will soon start doing MOT sessions in 6th grade. We can say with absolute certainty that they will do this task in the best possible way!