MOT Norway shares ideas on how to work towards government funds


In MOT Norway about 20% of our budget is financed by the authorities.

The Norwegian government is divided into several directorates, and MOT Norway receives funds from three of them – The Directorate of Education, The Directorate of Health and The Directorate for Children, Adolescents and Family Affairs.

We have made this happen by contacting both local and national politicians and asking for meetings. The goal for these meetings has been to make sure that they are familiar with MOT and with what we do. We argue how MOT can be an efficient tool to prevent exclusion and marginalization amongst the youth, and that MOTs programmes can help build robust youth, who include all.

Throughout the year, and especially the months before our National budget is set for the coming year, we book meetings with the different political directorates to make sure that they remember MOT when they give notes and comments in Norway’s national state budget, to guide how the different fundings should be assigned.

By constantly working with spreading knowledge of MOT, we have also succeeded in being mentioned in some of the department strategies. We are proud of being highlighted in Norway’s health-departments strategy: “Escalation plan for children and youths mental health (2019-2024)” as an efficient tool to prevent violence, crime, bullying, and mental ailments.

The Department of Education has also given MOT a marking in the national budget saying: The committee wants to enhance the important contribution from MOT to fight bullying and create a good learning environment in schools. MOT is a good program for working systematically to promote health and well-being in schools.

MOT Norway is also very proud of being invited to be one of the speakers of a national health conference in October, this has been a goal for us for many years. The topic is: “From increasing differences to a sustainable society- How to promote a joint community and prevent exclusion through community planning”. We will talk about MOTs toolbox and show them how our programs help schools succeed in giving students life skills.