MOT Latvia experiences great interest

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-07 at 10.17.20 AM

For MOT Latvia May has been an intensive month, full of conversations with potential new MOT schools and coaches. It’s been a delight to see such a big interest from our society and friends.

We have also been preparing a “get to know MOT and each other” gathering for potential new coaches. We started small, kept our expectancies on the lower side, and figured it would be a great event if 20 people would show up. So you can imagine our emotions when 86 potential new coaches showed interest in becoming a part of MOT and more than 50 of them attended the gathering.

It was a great joy, to show them what MOT looks and feels like and to see so many wonderful people interested in joining us in the future. An evening full of smiles, laughter, and genuine interest!

We are looking forward to raising our capacity to match the level of interest so that MOT can welcome all the coaches and schools interested!