Insipiring feedback from MOT Coaches in South Africa

MOT Coach with MOT Youth

We received really great feedback from our MOT Coaches on their experiences during their first few MOT Sessions. Read them below ūüėä:

“My first MOT Session РI was really nervous, yet super excited to get started and be able to work with the youth. As soon as we started the MOT Session, all the nerves faded away and I enjoyed it, just as much as the youth have! The enthusiasm we received from the group was amazing.

They showed interest and were very intrigued by the information given, and I love that the MOT sessions consist of icebreakers and interactive activities that will keep the youth invested in the whole session. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to the next MOT sessions with them. I believe I could say the same on behalf of the learners because a few of them was asking when we will be visiting again‚ÄĚ

– Sherilee Roelf (MOT Coach)

“In August 2022, I was trained as a MOT Coach and immediately fell in love with the concept, vision and values of MOT.

The retreat enhanced my understanding of what MOT is all about and I was excited to implement the programme at our school.

So far we have facilitated two MOT Sessions with our Grade 8 learners and I enjoyed it so much. There was undisputed pressure in, not running only my first session, but also the first MOT session in Burgersdorp. I and the rest of the MOT Coaches at our school planned, strategised and organized the MOT session.

MOT was introduced in a fun and educational manner and the kids enjoyed themselves. We started our MOT session off with the Wishlist, and after our session, their wishes had been met. They had fun learning while participating, which was great!

After our session, when we were doing the reflection with the learners, they were able to openly say that they will not succumb to bullying or peer pressure. I am confident that the MOT programme will have an immense impact on our school and community, and I consider myself privileged to lead¬†that¬†change.‚ÄĚ

Sinethemba Harrison Taba

“My experience with running my first MOT session was quite interesting as I was doing it at my old high school.

It was an eye-opener on how much the generation after mine is so different, in terms of them being more outspoken than how my generation was when I was back in high school. They’re more inquisitive and aren’t afraid to speak and share their opinions.

I was extremely nervous before the MOT Session, but once I started with the session, I easily got my momentum and made the students feel comfortable to speak up and share their points of view about the three values that were taught that day.

I enjoyed doing the MOT session with them. Bringing a positive impact on these young people in my community is such an honour and privilege. I can’t wait for my¬†next¬†MOT sessions!‚ÄĚ

Khanya Dyasi

“My experience with my first MOT session was amazing!

At first, myself and the MOT Coaches at my school were very anxious, as it would be the first session and we wanted no mistakes. But the moment we began it all became fun and our learners thoroughly enjoyed the session and the activities we¬†did¬†with¬†them.‚ÄĚ

Nokuphila Radebe

“In November 2022, I conducted my very first MOT session with the learners at Eureka High School.

I was very nervous at the start but also very confident, because of the training and support that we received from the Programmes and Training Manager, Andiswa Makha. The MOT manual was very helpful, and it made things very easy for us to conduct the MOT Session.

The MOT Session went smoothly, and the learners were engaging and very eager for more sessions. The learners stated that they are looking forward to the rest of the MOT Sessions and were even sad to hear that the next session will only be next year.

I believe that we manage to instil the three MOT values, Courage to Live, Courage to Care and Courage to Say No. I am looking forward to conducting and running the other MOT Sessions left.‚ÄĚ

Lungisa Eldon Ntaka