MOT Global leadership training in Riga


Welcoming new leaders in MOT countries is always special.

Getting to know each other, and sharing the knowledge of the MOT concept, organization culture and best practices is a very important component of the best possible start.

In February, Katrine and Ellen got the chance to organise a MOT Leadership and Brand Identity training for Ruta – MOT Latvia’s new CEO – and Rita – MOT Latvia’s communication responsible. After many meetings over Teams during the pandemic, it was incredible to have the opportunity to meet in person in Riga!

We kicked it off by attending an MOT session at one of the MOT schools. It is amazing to see how the MOT atmosphere can be so similar in different countries. MOT coach Anna did a very good job and the vibe was involving and fun!

The leadership and Brand Identity session prepared by the MOT Foundation team covered many topics around what it means to be a good MOT leader, what are the most important focus areas and challenges, what are the failures, and the best know-how collected.

We discussed a lot of local specifics of the Latvian education system and program adaptations in reflection of the Frame structure, reinforcement activities and potentially new program School as Society builder had special attention and interest.

It was also a great chance to pass over the “Star sheet” from the global team to Ilze who recently stepped down but still will be around as MOT coach and co-founder of the Latvian organization.

Thank you, Ruta and Rita for such active discussions and !

Good luck with your big ambitions and plans!

Katrine & Ellen