MOT SA builds recilience amongst youth

Youth in team building activity

We’re super excited to share our recent collaboration with another organization in providing 30 learners with the MOT Sessions during their Holiday Programme! Our main goal was to empower the youth by giving them essential life skills for personal growth and development, and we think we nailed it!

Our MOT Coaches were amazing and supportive during the MOT sessions, which encouraged learners to open up and feel comfortable enough to share their experiences and learn from the rest of the group. We have received great feedback from the learners that the MOT Sessions were really helpful and allowed them to be themselves and have received a renewed sense of courage.

We’re incredibly proud that we helped nurture young minds and empower them to promote positive social change, manage peer pressure, build resilience, and stay motivated. We believe that by providing them with the necessary skills to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, we can pave the way for a brighter future.

We hope that this collaboration with another organization will inspire more partnerships with organizations that share the same vision and mission as MOT South Africa and we’re committed to continue the goal of creating a warmer and safer place for all!