MOT’s programme “Robust youth 12-16” in five schools in Latvia


In August 2016, the first 20 MOT coaches were educated in Latvia. From October 2016 the MOT coaches started up with their first MOT sessions in MOT’s programme “Robust Youth 12-16”. 

MOT Latvia, with support from MOT Global, did the first MOT Basic Education ever. 20 MOT coaches representing five different schools participated. They were Youthful, Innovative and Sincere, and of course full of PASSION. In October they completed their first MOT sessions with Latvian youth.

Ilze Paidere, Country Manager for MOT Latvia and initiator Katrine Judovica (CEO of Narvesen Baltikum who financially made it possible to establish MOT Latvia), are both educated MOT coaches and have completed several MOT sessions in the classroom. They are very excited and experience that the youth feel the same.


Congratulations MOT Latvia!