Historical Young MOTivators


MOT Latvia has educated 25 historical Young MOTivators.

History was written in MOT Latvia on 24th and 25th November. 25 Young MOTivators from the 5 first MOT schools in Latvia came together to get education as leaders, culture builders, role models for including all and courage to say no. Unforgettable experience, great team work and lot of fun are the main things that will stay in our memories, as well as a sleepless night, of course! One of the dreams of our new Young MOTivators during these 2 days was; we wish we were classmates… And I’m happy for that dream, because the youth saw the difference. How wonderful that they can spend time together being a team, including all and having a lot of fun. We wish them good luck!

Ilze Paidere-Staķe

Country manager, MOT Latvia