Great experiences, week 48 


This week I received an email from a teacher student. She is finished with the bachelor degree, and she sent me her bachelor’s thesis where she had chosen MOT as subject. Good reading. Here is a very small part of it:

Thriving and bullying at MOT schools and schools in general on a national scale (Norway).

Do not thrive at all:                                                         Bullied once per week or more:

  National scale MOT schools National scale MOT schools
Grade 8 1,1% 0,9% Grade 8 5,1% 4,5%
Grade 10 2,3% 0,8% Grade 10 5,5% 3,0%


The above figures are from the Norwegian Educational Departments survey in 2012 and describe how the extent of bullying has developed from Grade 8 to Grade 10. It comes out clearly that the learners in MOT schools feel they have been bullied less when they finish Grade 10 than when they started in Grade 8. While on a national scale there are more learners that do not thrive at all or are bullied more than once per week when they finish Grade 10 than when they started in Grade 8. In MOT schools one can see a positive development during secondary school, while on a national scale the number of learners that do not thrive at all is increasing.

This week I also received the newsletter from MOT Denmark. It’s great reading:

It is a great success in our schools, that we can measure direct results within two parameters:

  1. Very significant reduction in number of youth who are bullied. In 18 of the schools they report zero bullying in the school year 2016/2017
  2. 50 % reduction in the absence numbers in the schools. Average figure down from 10,8 % to 5,2 %.

This week Sigrun and I also took part in the MOT Basic Education in Norway. We had the pleasure to facilitate day 2 for 40 new great MOT associates: MOT’s Identity, Values and Principles, Mission. And Value based leadership and management for leaders and coordinators from schools and municipalities.

Anna and Rita from Latvia took part on day 2 because MOT Latvia now is preparing to do most of the MOT Basic Education independently in January. Here is a short videoclip so that you can feel the atmosphere on the banquet dinner: