Value based leadership, week 49


This week I had a MOT session for the top management group of one of MOT’s business partners.

Torghatten ASA is one of Norway’s largest companies in the transportation industry. The annual turnover is approximately NOK 9,3 billion and they have approximately 7000 employees. Its core business is in transportation at sea, on land and in the air – distributed by routes for ferries, boats, buses and airplanes in Norway.

We are very proud of the partnership with Torghatten ASA and happy that they are so passionate about contributing to MOT’s work to develop robust youth, who include all, and happy that they use MOT as a tool in their leader development and culture building.

One of the things I focused on during my session for them this week was value based leadership. Here is a brief sum up:

Value based leadership can be taken down to four points:

  1. Lead with a ‘true, passionate and good heart’ (which shows):
  • More concerned about nobler motives than the bottom line only. Contribute to a warmer and safer society.
  • Lead with dignity and strong inner values as a guiding star.
  • Make others feel valuable and be concerned about creating environments where the associates develop and grow.
  1. The right people! In right roles! In right organisation structure!
  2. Have a clear frame (concept), playing style (culture), role and responsibility
  3. Create a culture of discipline – a culture of discipline with focus on the objective/aim – and where you GIVE A LOT OF TRUST
    • Have associates who stay within the frame, culture and their role
    • Inspire the associates rather than inspect
    • Have faith in the associates rather than control
    • Expect action/just do it and give lots of room for being innovative and making decisions within the frame