Norwegian football players won prestigeous MOT Award


On Sunday, 3 December, MOT Norway handed out the annual MOT Award to a male and female football player at the NISO Awards.

The MOT Award goes to a male and female football player from the top divisions in Norway. The criteria to win the award is; someone who is aware of his/her role as a role model to the youth, who lives MOT’s values, who cares about his/her teammates and shows respect towards both the referee and the opponents. The purpose of the MOT award is to honor and lift up good role models that youth will look up to.

The winners of the 2017 Award were Ingrid Buer Søndenå from Vålerenga Fotball and Ole Amund Sveen from Sogndal Fotball. They were nominated and voted worthy winners by their own teammates and the players from all the top division teams. They were both very moved and honored to receive the prestigious award.

Ingrid Buer Søndenå and Ole Amund Sveen

Ingrid’s teammates wrote in their nomination that even though Ingrid has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, she’s never complaining. Even though she can’t play football for a while, she is a strong culture builder and an important role model to her teammates.

Ole Amund’s teammates wrote in their nomination that Ole Amund is always in a good mood, even though he has been through a tough injury period. He includes everyone and takes just as good care of the existing players as the new ones on the team.

Congratulations to both Ingrid and Ole Amund! Good role models lead the way and helps us develop robust youth, who include all.