Wishlist, week 50


Dear all readers of Founder’s corner


Many children write a wishlist for Christmas. I have a wishlist too.


My wishlist to everyone who are involved in MOT:


Show courage! Your courage will inspire and help others.


Strengthen your awareness! You as a role model will change lives.


Expect a culture of discipline and put people in a position that makes them feel valuable and get a feeling of mastery. It makes their day, and it’s an investment for tomorrow.


Create an inspirational experience in most of the MOT activities you do. A magical wrapping makes it easier to reach in to people.


Reinforce building MOT as a YIS brand and social movement across schools, local communities, countries, politics and religions.


Be hungry for development and have concept loyalty. Let innovation and tradition walk hand in hand.


Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! When you repeat a message, lecture or MOT session many times you become better and better. Repetition is more important than new knowledge.


Remember, MOT’s product is not ‘just another school programme’, it’s ‘a comprehensive programme that is used by schools to build robust youth, cultures and societies’. Don’t let resistance, negativity and directives influence MOT’s programmes in a way that reduces MOT’s impact.


Remember, the best premise for young people to master school, and for adults to master home and work, is to master life. When young people master life, there will be fewer problems and the need for ‘extra initiatives’ in school and repairing of adults is reduced.


Build dikes of robust young people to prevent the flood of broken adults.


Build dikes of robust youth to prevent the flood of bullying, social exclusion, alcohol and drug abuse, mental health problems, crime and violence, and a culture creating losers in society.


Create a common understanding that the key to a warmer and safer society and world is ROBUST YOUTH. Robust youth, who include all. Robust youth don’t have a need to be seen through destroying themselves, others and society. Robust youth show courage! Courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no!


Merry Christmas!