Yes we can! And we did!


MOT Denmark has just succeeded with our 3rd Enthusiast Gathering. What a day!

The purpose of this day according to MOT Denmark is to use the opportunity of having the MOT teams from the MOT schools gathered in one place. Let them meet each other, experience each other and learn from each other. And furthermore, to be inspired and motivated to keep up the good work which is the core in MOT: to create robust youth who include all by showing courage to live, courage to say no and courage to care.

We are very proud of our MOT-coaches in MOT Denmark. They are recruited spot on and they are role models to the youth. But being a role model, you have to “walk the talk”! So this year, we challenged our MOT-coaches to act upon what they teach the youth: Show courage, step outside your comfort zone, be yourself and lead yourself, be prepared and be present and dare to not be perfect! And as we anticipated – they rose with the challenge!

In order to create the best possible conditions for the MOT-coaches, we also invite the MOT-leaders and MOT-coordinators to the Enthusiast Gathering. The theme for this group was to have focus on communication and using MOT as a tool to build culture. We want to be even better at spreading the effect of MOT to the whole school and the local community.

MOT Denmark also has focus on “walk the talk”. So if we SAY that we create robust youth, we have to SHOW this! And what better way to show this, than letting 14 youth with MOT (a selection from our 15.600 youth with MOT) complete the whole day for us! They did just that! They presented everyone on stage with their own words and in their individual way – but all with passion, sincerity and courage! They had the pleasure of introducing our 2,18 meters tall basketball player, MOT-ambassador Chris Christoffersen, our MOT-ambassador Sophia Nohr who performed with her band, our former national handball-coach, Ulrik Wilbek who talked about how adversity can be used as a positive force to become robust.

After a long day filled with inspiration and learning, we could proudly introduce MOT Denmarks new MOT-sculpture “Give me your hand” as the new award for MOT-coordinator of the year, MOT-leader of the year, MOT-school of the year and MOT-coach of the year. The sculpture was presented by painter and sculptor, Ole Grøn.

MOT Denmark had yet another premiere this evening – a new award for The Enthusiast of the year. This award was given to the guy who is responsible for bringing MOT to Denmark: Elo Andersen, YX Denmark.

It was a great day and we are so proud to see how MOT plants its roots in Danish soil!

To all of us in MOT Global: We rock!


Core Activity Manager

MOT Denmark