Inspiring recipe on how to overcome challenges


A couple of weeks ago I met with a 28-year-old woman whom I have known since she was in secondary school and I was her MOT coach. She has studied in several countries and has a master’s degree in international business.


When I met with her she told me that she had experienced something unknown over the last months. In contrary to what she was used to, she suddenly had no energy and couldn’t help everybody else. She, who always used to be strong, robust and a resource for others suddenly needed the help from her friends and family.


Her own business didn’t go as well as she hoped, she found that one of her most important employees was not mentally well and on top of this she went through a breakup with her boyfriend whom she had been together with for several years.


She told me that she had spent more than 30 days in bed crying, being frustrated and feeling empty.


To overcome this challenge, she made a “recipe” on how to do it:

  • Two routines every day with a specific plan on when to do things like yoga, training or eating. She forced herself to get out of bed and forced herself to eat.
  • The bad feelings overwhelmed her but she decided to let the negative thoughts influence her only for 30 minutes a day.
  • She told herself it would pass. “It won’t be like this forever”.
  • She needed support. She moved back in with her parents and she got support from her close friends.

The last one was difficult because she was used to always being the one supporting them. However, her friends insisted on helping. They wanted to help.