One of the best has passed away


The local community Sel in Norway is in grief and so am I. MOT coach Jan Erik Lien, one of MOT’s greatest value makers through all times passed away on 14th of April at the age of only 55.

Jan Erik was a MOT coach for 15 years. He was one of the best from the day one and in 2013 he was awarded as ‘The MOT coach of the year’ in Norway. Jan Erik, who was still a very active MOT coach when he died, was an expert at strengthening youth’s robustness and courage.

That is probably why so many youth attended the funeral last Thursday. As well as the number of flowers and greetings from youth and schools, one of them saying; ‘Jan Erik, thank you for the courage you gave to us’.

At the memorial in one of the schools the youth wrote ‘MOT’ with roses in the school yard. This as a symbolic memory of Jan Erik and what he has meant to them. The youth in Sel are mourning.

Jan Erik had a clear mission in life, as well as a clear meaning with his own life. He had a clear answer to ‘why do I exist’. Despite of his heart problems over the last 20 years he managed not to worry too much about it. Jan Erik used to say: ‘I want to live, not only to survive’. He contributed and lived for something that was bigger than himself. This was an enrichment for so many around him, but also for himself. It made him more robust.

We are forever grateful to Jan Erik for who he was, what he did for the youth, the local community and MOT.