Magical, educational and inspirational


Over six days, from early morning to late evening, the country managements from the MOT countries were gathered for a historical and amazing week, being ‘real’ participants and attending all the MOT sessions in both the MOT programmes: Robust Youth 12-16 and Robust Youth 16-25.

The sessions were presented exactly as they are in the classroom and in full format by five excellent MOT coaches representing The MOT Foundation, MOT Denmark and MOT Norway. The aim was clear: 1. To create a common understanding among all the country managements of how the sessions with all the exercises are to be presented. 2. To take part in a unique leadership development through the MOT sessions.

The group that was present represents the heart of MOT in five countries and is without doubt the top MOT expertise. Still, the feedback from all after the last session was clear: very educational, got to know ourselves more, got to know each other more, learnt about ourselves in new ways, got knowledge that will make us become better leaders, got to know the sessions and the content of the sessions in a new way through being real participants, learnt a lot although we knew the sessions already. This week has equipped the MOT country managements with what they need to ensure the quality of the implementation in their countries in a way that has never been done before. Through this group’s expertise it will also be easier for new countries to start MOT in the future.