MOT World Summit 2018


The leaders from all five MOT countries were gathered for a historical week in Cape Town from 12-18 March and started with the MOT World Summit.

Results and experiences were shared in a very inspirational way and plans for the next year were presented. In an inspiring way MOT Denmark told about how they’ve grown very fast and with great quality in the number of schools and youth in the programme. MOT Latvia, as the youngest country on board, shared good examples about recruitment and the courage to say no when the candidates are not the ‘right’ ones.

MOT Thailand told about the breakthrough getting support from the education department. MOT Norway shared the experience and successes with the additional programme ‘The school as a society builder’ and MOT South Africa shared how they have succeeded within the communication area. When people with the same passion for creating robust youth, who include all, meet to share and learn from each other it will surely help MOT grow in the future!