“This is an unusual dream for a boy to have…”


In session 8 in the MOT programme Robust Youth, the youth write a ‘dream application’, describing a dream that they hope will be fulfilled. 

MOT Norway is very lucky to have a ‘Dream Fund’ that can help fulfil a few dreams every year. One of the lucky ones this year was a boy named Trym Braaten from Holte school in the south of Norway. In his application he wrote:

‘This is an unusual dream for a boy to have, most guys usually dream about being a famous football player or to become rich. But I want to create my own clothing line, and I want to give 50% of all income to the poorest countries in the world.’

MOT Norway found Trym’s dream so great that we decided to give Trym inspiration to continue working on his dream. A meeting was arranged with the founder of the clothing line ‘Chosen’, Rolf Henrik Karlsen, so that he could share his experiences with Trym. It was a fantastic meeting where Rolf shared with Trym how he made his own dream come true.

We are quite sure Trym was inspired by Rolf Henrik, and we hope a lot of others to have courage to live and to follow their dream!

Tore Sandnes,

MOT Norway