The MOT logo on one more top football team


Ever since MOT was founded in 1997, MOT has collaborated with top football teams in Norway. 

MOT believes in the power of using positive role models. That is why MOT has collaborated with top football teams in Norway since the beginning of MOT in 1997. In May we were very happy to announce that another top team, Tromsø IL, partnered with MOT. This means that there are now a total of 9 Norwegian top football teams that are playing with the MOT logo on the back of their player shirts.

By playing with the MOT logo, the teams are saying that they believe in the MOT philosophy and that they want to be positive role models for the youth. They are using their power as role models to make a difference.

We are very happy that Tromsø IL together with the 8 other teams want to help MOT strengthen youth’s robustness and courage.

Regine Oen Hatten,
Communication manager, MOT Norway