We are growing in Denmark!


We are experiencing a huge interest in developing robust youth amongst the Danish schools – why the interest in MOT is also great.

24 new schools will participate in the MOT-programme, from next school year.

We are therefore extending the number MOT-educations this coming year, having a total of 4 MOT-educations; 3 in August/September and a recently completed one for future ‘Efterskoler’ (Danish version of Boarding Schools) and 10th grade-schools.

The education was held in Svendborg with great enthusiasm from participants from Melby, Gribskov, Glamsdalen and Emmerske Efterskole. As usual the MOT-programmes exercises were shown and the full MOT-programme was reviewed.

Below is a small selection of the participants positive feedback:

“Absolutely a top-quality education!! I’m so pleasantly surprised and looking very much forward to getting started with MOT!”

“Really great energy. A well-balanced education – You truly look forward to getting started with MOT.

“Super exciting education, and great with all the useful tools that support the good values and points of the MOT-programme”

“Nice practical education, with a great focus on tools, exercises, reflections and didactics”

”I’m very impressed by your commitment, and crazy about your way of being authentic!”

Us in MOT Denmark are thrilled to see the commitment, engagement and especially motivation coming from all these new MOT-schools.

We can, with great certainty, say that we will create many more robust youth around Denmark this coming school year!