MOT made me a better person


Every year at the end of the school year about 10 000 16-year old’s in Norway participate in the MOT-survey. This is an survey to evaluate and show MOT’s effect in numbers.


The youth answer the survey just by marking a number from 1 to 6 when being asked about a statement. They can also add a comment to the survey and it’s especially inspiring to read this comment:


Everything with MOT has been good.

MOT made me think positive thoughts about myself and I dare to be myself.

MOT has made me a better person.

MOT has made me more careful when it comes to what I say to others. Because not everyone is fine though it may seem like it.

Everybody needs MOT and should have it.

MOT prevent bullying, excluding and the pressure of having the perfect body.

MOT contributes to a good class environment where everybody can speak to each other and are feeling safe in the class.

MOT is perfect.