Thank you and good luck!


People are moving and times are changing. MOT South Africa is experiencing just that those days. Because Wanda Möller, who was the first employee of MOT SA in 2008 when MOT SA was founded, has left after 10 years as the Country Manager of MOT SA.


Wanda has done a great job building up MOT SA to what it is today. It has been an amazing journey and MOT SA now has a solid platform being the chosen life skills programme in many schools and colleges. Because of Wanda’s hard work and efforts together with her team, MOT has made a difference in many thousands of South African youth’s lives. On behalf of The MOT Foundation I am very grateful to Wanda for what she has done for MOT SA and the South African youth. Her legacy will remain and she’ll be part of MOT SA’s history forever. I wish Wanda all the best in the future.


However, with change new and exciting things happen and I am very happy that Julia Duminy, who has been with MOT SA since November 2016 has stepped into the role as MOT SA’s new Country Manager. Julia has lifted MOT SA to new levels what regards media and publicity on tv and radio in particular. Julia is passionate about developing robust youth, who include all. She is passionate about MOT’s vision, values and principles. She has a personality that I think will make people want to help her pursue MOT’s vision and mission.


I look forward to following MOT SA with Julia and her team into the future and to see the change that I know they will make in people’s lives!