MOT’s brand building and great management


The 3rd to 4thof September “The Originator’s 12 hours” was held for the first time.

Marte (leader of MOT Norway) asked for an extra MOT-education for the employees. An education about how the MOT-identity was made and how it’s supposed to be in the future. This request from Marte gave birth to “The Originator’s 12 hours”. This will be held twice a year with 4-12 participants.

The thought is that this could be a good introduction to MOT for the new employees and a good repetition for the employees who have been in the system longer. The first half is about the MOT brand/building the MOT identity. The last half is about exceptional management.

This time the following was joined at MOT Camp for two days:

Katrine. Initiator and board leader of MOT Latvia.
Ilze Country Manager (CEO) of MOT Latvia.
Julia. Country Director (CEO) of MOT South Africa.
Andiswa. Core Activities Manager of MOT South Africa.
Magne. Engaged by the MOT Foundation to facilitate “MOT Go Global” for 10 months.
Regin, Stein, Rune, Monica, Anita. Region Managers of MOT Norway.
Synnøve. MOT Trainee for MOT Norway.
Ellen. MOT Trainee for MOT Norway.

The gathering was finished off with a voluntarily activity: