The book “Life and leadership”


Thursday the 6thof September my book Life and leadership – a different autobiography was released. In March 2019 the book will be available in English.

This book gives you an insight into my life and my inspiration for developing MOT.

The book is written as a different autobiography, with sources of inspiration who have helped shape MOT and me. The reader will get an insight into how people and situations have made me into the person I am today and why I am passionate about strengthening youth’s robustness and courage.

I wish to show my gratefulness to those who have shaped MOT and me. There are many people who have been important for the development of both MOT and me. I hope my inspirations can be other’s inspirations as well and that the book can help the reader to be better in both his or her life and in leadership.

All of us have been dealt with different cards in life and I hope the reader will be inspired to play his or her cards in the best way possible.