6th and 7th September MOT Norway facilitated the Enthusiast gathering for all the MOT associates and contributors from all over the country. A new record was set this year with over 700 participants.

The theme for this year’s gathering was one of MOT’s principles: ‘Work proactively’. The main objective was to inspire the MOT associates and contributors as much as possible. There were different workshops for the MOT coaches, MOT school and municipality leaders and business partners/special guests. Good practise and more knowledge about the MOT sessions was shared and discussed. More than 50 Young MOT Leaders from schools attending the ‘School as a society builder’ programme had a separate work shop where they shared their experience with each other.

The evening show was as usual a big highlight with amazing performances by youth and MOT ambassadors. However, there were more emotional moments from stage. Especially when youth and other important contributors to MOT were interviewed and shared their personal stories about what MOT has meant to them.

Still, the best of all about the Enthusiast gathering was just walking through the hallways enjoying the positive and almost magical atmosphere when more than 700 passionate, youthful, innovative and sincere MOT associates are gathered. It is truly inspiring. We already look forward to next year!

Enjoy some pictures here:

Over 700 MOT associates and contributors
Workshop going through MOT exercises and MOT tools.
MOT ambassador and famous artist, Marion Ravn
Fashion show with Young MOT Leaders presenting the latest ‘I wear my choice’ collection
Henrik was one of many youth that impressed the crowd with their musical performances.
Marveh shared her own personal MOT story


Regine Oen Hatten
Communication manager
MOT Norway