The winner of the “Årets Ladejarl”


It’s an honor to be in the jury and help choose a winner who is outstanding at work based on values.

The Årets Ladejarl value award is given to Tale Maria Krohn Engvik, also known as Helsesista. The winner has revolutionised her own profession and become a public health nurse for the entire country. Through her Snapchat profile «Helsesista», Tale Maria has gained 40,000 followers, mainly young people aged 13-19, where followers may ask questions in a simple and safe way.

Helsesista conveys important knowledge in a direct, honest and simple way. Through Snapchat, Tale speaks of topics such as body image, personal boundaries, pressure, alcohol, sex, loneliness and self-esteem.

The Årets Ladejarl award winner has a way of recognising the individual, listening, sympathizing, and inspiring trust. The «Årets Ladejarl» award winner talks with – not about – people, and sees opportunities instead of limitations.

The winner is a kind-hearted person who has revolutionized a whole profession through use of simple technology, humourous informality and solid professional expertise.

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