Amazing donation from Reitan Convenience


For two years Reitan Convenience has promoted MOT and donated NOK 10 per refill coffee cup being sold through their campaign ‘Coffee Plus’ at the gas station 7-Eleven shops in Norway. So far in 2018 the campaign has generated the impressive amount of NOK 305.000. This is donated on top of the already very important financial contribution through their partnership with MOT.

‘Reitan Convenience is very proud and happy to hand over this check to MOT. The work MOT is doing for the youth in Norway is very important and we have supported MOT for a very long time. We are so happy to contribute,’ says Kenneth C. Olsen, CEO of Reitan Convenience Norway.

Through this additional donation we will be able to reach even more youth and strengthen their robustness and courage. MOT Norway is very grateful for the excellent partnership with Reitan Convenience. 


Regine Oen Hatten
Communication Manager
MOT Norway