MOT Denmark has established a resource group to strengthen growth and experience. Read more about what MOT Denmark says after the first meeting with the new group.

MOT Denmark has launched a project group consisting of Young MOTivators, whom we have worked with since they were educated several years ago.

This is a milestone for MOT Denmark and we are so proud to have our team expanded with these 10 young people who have taken MOT into their hearts from day one! They are 10 different personalities who use MOT in 10 different ways but they have one thing in common: they use MOT in their lives every day!

The idea behind this group is to hand out responsibility to qualified and experienced youth who can take MOT in Denmark to an even higher level. These 10 youth have had MOT in school and they have helped MOT Denmark to be where we are today – without being told to do so – but simply because they couldn’t resist the desire to do so. That is priceless for an organization like MOT!

We have had our first project weekend where the youth were divided into groups working on different projects such as: How to improve Young MOTivator programme and education, branding MOT on social media, improving knowledge about MOT in Denmark and much more.

Our expectations were exceeded and we are confident that this group will improve MOT in a YIS way!

The MOT Denmark Project Group is:

Project Group Leader:                 Eva Kristine Berg Andreasen

Development manager:               Mikkel Due-Hansen

Design manager:                         Hugo Hillerbrand

Social media manager:                Li Ly

Young MOT-ivator manager:        Laura Staberg

Moderator:                                   Marius Kure

Project Group member:                Alexander Dalager

Project Group member:                Laura Grøn Teschl

Project Group member:                Trine From

Project Group member:                 Anne Nicoline Clausen Sejerup


We are privileged to have these guys on board!


Stina Grøn Vogel

Core Activity Manager

MOT Denmark