First steps for MOT in California


This week MOT made its first offensive steps to establish MOT in California. 

Magne Vårvik who contributes to MOT’s global growth and Regine O. Hatten who is Manager of National Implementation had successful meetings in California this week. They also had great help from Sigrid Seetsaas who has been a part of MOT’s programme and has worked for MOT Norway in many years.

The three of them met with great business leaders, a school leader, leader of Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce, and other potential door openers.

I received several reports from Regine, Magne and Sigrid during their stay, and was impressed to hear about all the positive meetings.

Here is an extract from some of the reports:

Today we had a meeting with a business leader and Austrian former alpine skier named Klaus Heidegger. He was really impressed with MOT, and believes that MOT is very much needed here. Heidegger can be an important door opener for MOT in California. 

We also had another positive meeting with a former school leader who gave us valuale insight in the American school system. He also wants to help MOT and has an enormous network. There is no doubt that America needs MOT. Again – we just need to find the right people that can find finances and push the start-up button.

I dream that next year, MOT will be established in The U.S..