Born on the same day as the MOT calendar


MOT Latvia continues to expand as new people become involved in the organisation.

In January, we got two new board members. In February, we got a new team member: Lasma Lidaka! She is an amazing MOT coach AND she’s born on the same day as the MOT calendar! So we’ll always know her birthday and age.

Lasma is a role model of being in a YIS (Youthful, Innovative, Sincere) way. In her life she has made really difficult choices, that demanded a lot of courage and made her robust.

In the beginning, Lasma is going to take care of the ‘youthful’ part of the organisation by making events with the MOT youth and Young MOTivators, keeping MOT alive for young people after finishing MOT in their school (supported by MOT Forever), as well as social media and the MOT-shop in Latvia. It’s time for the youth to come up on the stage of MOT Latvia!

We are very happy to welcome Lasma and truly believe that she is the right person for the MOT Latvia team!


Ilze Paidere-Stake

Country Manager, MOT Latvia