28th of February MOT Denmark facilitated their 2019 Enthusiast gathering for all the MOT associates and contributors.

The main objective was to inspire the MOT associates and contributors as much as possible. With a programme with great variety, there were many highlights: Interesting workshops, MOT ambassadors contributing on stage, Young MOTivators sharing their stories and also a fantastic speech from MOT SA’s Chairman, Eltie Links.

Professor Eltie Links

In the evening important MOT associates were honoured for their fantastic results. It was an emotional moment when Mette Hansen won the price as this year’s MOT coach.

Mette Hansen and Core Activities Manager in MOT Denmark, Stina Grøn

The best of all about the Enthusiast gathering was to see all the youth taking so much responsibility and contributing on the stage. They did a fantastic job. It was truly inspiring!

Young MOTivators Peter and Kristoffer


Sigrun Vårvik and Regine Oen Hatten

MOT Foundation