MOT Norway has educated new Young MOTivators ready to make a difference.

The last week in October we educated 80 new Young MOTivators from all over the country at MOT-camp in Trondheim. This was a special week for us, because this was the first time we tried the new manuscripts with a three day Young MOTivator education like the other MOT countries. It was amazing to read the response from the youth:

  • “I’ve learned so much more about MOT, and my role as a Young MOTivator. I now understand the importance of my role, and I look forward to come back home and make a difference”
  • “I’m suprised how fast we all became so good friends”
  • “We have created memories for life. I will never forget these days.”

The best confirmation that it was a great success, was that they didn’t want to leave at all.

We are sure that they will be great culture builders in their class, school and local community.

Regine Oen Hatten

Core activities Manager