Courage to Care Day and a new MOT ambassador


The Courage to Care Day has become like a new national day in Norway. This day that is all about showing courage to care for the people around you by using simple means.

There was a high level of activity with most MOT partners in Norway. Youth from all over the country did different activities to make the day special. From baking cakes, visiting the elderly, giving out hugs to facilitating MOT shows at their school with dancing, singing or quizzes. We we’re very impressed by the all the efforts made by the youth and others.

The same week MOT Norway launched a brand-new MOT ambassador named Sjur Røthe. Sjur is a Norwegian cross-country skier and three-time world champion. He is the right MOT ambassador with the right values and we are very proud to have him on the big MOT team.

Sjur Røthe, new MOT ambassador for MOT Norway

Enjoy some pictures from the Courage to Care Day:

Regine Oen Hatten

Core Activities Manager, MOT Norway