MOT in America


21st November 2019 is now a historical day for MOT.

On this day, Eivind Heiberg and I signed a Letter of Intent: The undersigned hereby confirm that we are motivated to establish MOT as an independent organisation in Minnesota in 2020.

The Letter of Intent was signed at a reception facilitated by Eivind in his home where an exclusive group of 20 people was present at the occasion of establishing MOT in the US.

Eivind Heiberg, the initiator of MOT Minnesota, is a 49 year old Youthful, Innovative and Sincere Norwegian-American. He came to the US when he was only 18. Eivind is married to Michele and proud father of 19 year old triplets. He is a “MOTy” person and a great bridge builder. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Sons of Norway and is Honorary Consul General for the state of Minnesota. Eivind is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization and member of the American Fraternal Alliance.

MOT Basic education. During the days ahead of this event Sigrun and Ellen facilitated a MOT Basic education for MOT coaches and the school management at a pilot school in Minnesota. A group of excited and proud MOT associates finished this education only a couple of hours before the historical event at the Heiberg residence. One of them wrote the following after the education: I am so excited to start. The mission is so important, and I think our kids will be greatly impacted.

A big thank you to Daha Gobdoon for recruiting Minneapolis Math and Science Academy as a pilot school.

I wish you all a nice December!