That special feeling


All the Latvian MOT coaches have finished their first 3-years cycle in late spring this year.

Most of them decided to continue and to start a new MOT trip within the new school year. One of these MOT coaches is our Rita. We asked her to share her experience! 

“The new beginning of the MOT school year is full of excitement, joy, anticipation and questions – how will the new classes welcome me? How many positive leaders will there be, how many Stinkies? What will I do differently from the previous years?


The excitement that comes with pushing a class door knob is comparable to driving a test or telling “I love you” to somebody. And then literally you are flying for 2 hours, when you put yourself out there at maximum level and try to change the world in the hope that you can help at least one of the youngsters to become braver.

New acquaintances, observations. It’s that special feeling when you realize that there are some really alienated youth in the class that you want to care for and shake to make them braver.

And after the MOT session, the best question one can get: “When is the next MOT session going to happen?”

Ilze Paidere-Staķe

Country Manager, MOT Latvia