Be the kind of person that shows up!


This is Ohi Omoijuanfo, football player and MOT ambassador for MOT Norway.

When we met Ohi this summer he told us a story. When he was at secondary school, one of the boys who weren’t very popular had invited Ohi to his birthday party. The boy had invited two different classes, so it was over sixty people invited in total. Ohi saw that when this boy invited him he was very nervous, but Ohi told him that he would love to come. 

On the day of the birthday party, there were only two people who showed up: Ohi and another classmate. Ohi says: “It was very sad. I saw that it affected him, but I also noticed how much it meant for him that the two of us came.” The next day Ohi actually went to all the sixty people who were invited and told them what he thought about their behavior. 

Now Ohi says: “Today it feels good to stand here knowing that I was one of the two that actually came. to the birthday party. I am very proud of it. I know that that boy will always be grateful for it. “

“Be the kind of person that shows up!”