A different MOT session

In January in addition to regular MOT sessions in schools MOT Latvia implemented a long planned event for the first time!

One of our most brilliant MOT coaches ANNA led a MOT session for a company ITAB as a Christmas gift from our biggest sponsor Narvesen. It went great! This is a wonderful example how a social responsible company like Narvesen can act during Christmas time. Narvesen did an short, MOTy animation about choices in our daily life we make, starting from a choice to smile, greet, be polite or not. By the end of the video was the message: “Narvesen invites you to an MOT session!” The video was sent to Narvesen’s business partners. And so we have several requests from companies that are interested to experience a MOT session. We hope that through such MOT sessions we not only promote MOT’s values and Narvesen as our sponsor, but can reach new business partners and – who knows – maybe excellent MOT coaches as well!

Ilze Paidre-Stake, Country Manager MOT Latvia